Saturday, September 24, 2011

Celestial House Design

Building design is something I've often overlooked when it comes to creating a story. However, it truly adds to the feel of a world when even the homes are given personalities. Take the Realm of the Sky from my story. It's not easy to come up with a celestial feel without rehashing what has been done already.

So I figured to do a little research on castles, medieval buildings, and mix fantasy with reality. I was very inspired by this particular image: Castle 001

Before, the home for the protagonist was basically a rectangle. Now, as you can see, it has a lot more to it. I did not add these just for the sake of detail, but rather to give a the viewer a feeling of "I want to live there." All the while, the house has a sense of wonder about it, to show that it is in a fantasy setting - the dragon at the front, the sky-related windows, the wings on the roof, and the elevation. Not only that, but this illustrates how the people living in the setting like to live.

Of course, the entire Sky Realm doesn't have homes like this, but for the particular neighborhood, this is the general feel.