Saturday, July 24, 2010


I have been finding a lot of black feathers around my yard lately. I have only recently started a collection, putting them into my design journal that I hold to fill with inspirational sources and ideas.

Of course feathers bring a certain game series to mind, but feathers have held a great deal of symbolic significance to many races. Most of them have been spiritual, dealing with our souls and it rising to higher places and levels of understanding. Other meanings have been attributed to various rituals performed by people such as the Native Americans, the Druids, and so forth.
You can read more about how they were used here:

Although it is fascinating to learn what some ancient civilizations did to try and reach enlightenment as well as their gods, I am glad to know a God that does not require a special set of clothes, incantations, or symbols in order to stay in communication.
Too many people get caught up in the rituals. That is not to say we should be doing whatever we want, but rather not focus on frivolous legalism and place emphasis on relationships with others and God.

No matter the sort and object, I love symbolism. Everything you touch seems to be full of meaning and history, and it's a shame that my brain is having a hard time fitting it all in.

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